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Khanservation Sweatshirt

This limited edition Gung Ho X Hoja Nueva sweatshirt showcases the beautiful Khan, Hoja Nueva's first ocelot they worked with for a year to reintroduce to the Las Piedras River in Peru. Khan was brutally killed by a poacher's shotgun trap on the 5th of May of 2017, and is dearly missed. This act was committed on protected conservation lands, with a very illegal weapon - something that occurs far too often in the Amazon and throughout the world.

50% of the sale from this sweatshirt will be donated back to Hoja Nueva's Project ReWild, which will save hundreds of wild animals like Khan. Funds will specifically go to the building of wild jungle enclosures for current and future animals, as well as their food and care-taking.

Each garment comes with a minizine that helps explain the issue you are wearing, why it is important and the little everyday things you can do to help the cause. The Khanservation sweatshirt is 100% Organic and made in a Fairwear Foundation certified factory in Bangladesh. The embroidery is done by a local business in Oxford.  

The slightly cropped cut adds for a flattering and easy to wear look, with statement gold embroidery that makes this sweatshirt a wardrobe favourite.

Hoja Nueva
Hoja Nueva is a dynamic nonprofit working in the remote Las Piedras region of Madre de Dios, Peru.
Their research centre in the jungle is a local knowledge base led by novel, on-the-ground research and education inclusive of conservation, agroforestry, and sustainable community development. The base is home to staff and local community members as well as volunteers, interns, researchers, and tourists who share a collective mission to conserve the rainforests of Las Piedras - and all remote rainforests like it.

Hoja Nueva confronts deforestation in the Amazon by purchasing and protecting rainforest, building capacity within remote and indigenous communities, developing alternative income opportunities, and practicing applied conservation research.
Until now, Hoja Nueva has practiced small-scale wildlife rehabilitation and reintroduction of jungle cats, birds, monkeys, large rodents, reptiles and amphibians. Their current mission, Project ReWild, is to build a safer, large-scale reintroduction centre in Khan's name, with comfortable enclosures for these animals and living spaces for their staff and volunteers.  Project ReWild is not a rescue centre or a zoo -- not a breeding program, a human home or a cement box. Not a place for tourists or pet-owners. Project ReWild is a safe place where wild animals become wild again, led by the most experienced wildlife technicians and volunteers.